Why has the Memorial Society of British Columbia (MSBC) joined the Partners In Care Alliance (PICA)?

To serve you members better! By joining us both, members now enjoy member benefits that are off the charts!

For example, by joining the PICA partnership, Memorial Society members now all have a $2,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment life insurance policy (*1) discounts at all our PICA Co-op suppliers and if you wish, even lawyering (*2).

* 1. You must register with AIL directly to become eligible.

*2. Which (at $19.95 a month, plus $2.39 in taxes) includes a free Will, Power of Attorney, and Healthcare Representation Agreement.

*3 Representation Agreement, and lawyering any time you need, Monday to Friday.

For $3 more a month they’ll defend you in traffic court, and for $5 more a month, cover your entire business.

Join today!

Joining Partners In Care Alliance provides caregivers and communities alike with vital information and consumer advocacy in support of ethical practices and, where necessary, reform of regulation of funeral and cemetery goods and services. A healthy and informed regulatory environment in the care of one of society’s most vulnerable consumers can no longer be considered a luxury. It must now be considered absolutely essential in the provision of genuine care.

If you happen to be someone that is asked for referrals to end-of-life-care professionals by the people you serve, being informed is the first step to establishing a sound ethical system and PICA is here to help.

Why did my society/charity join PICA?

PICA is committed to helping end of life care, get better and better. For that reason all the products PICA’s Co-op suppliers provide, contribute funds back to our partner societies.

All prices includes British Columbia Sales Taxes

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